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Julia: Blogpost Day 22

Today my friends and I wanted to get some sleep so we slept in and had a late breakfast. After that we got a Lightning Alert so we quickly got all our stuff and went to the toilet. After that we went to the Faith and Beliefs tent, it was super interesting!! We also did … Weiter Lesen >

Maya: A call for change – Plastic use

When we attended the Global Ambassador Meeting last monday, we were told to always stay positive within our blog. And I get it. Who would want to read someone whining away, when you could read about the amazing experiences everyone is having. But there is one thing I wanted to mention. Some might find it … Weiter Lesen >

Annabelle: The Exchange Dinner

As a Global Ambassador I got a participant of a Exchange Program. Everyone got a name who they got to invite to a meal in their subcamp. And they will be invited one day to a meal. Monika from Slovakia got my name so she invited me for the 27th of July to the dinner. … Weiter Lesen >

Annabelle: My Parents as Visitors at the Jamboree

Yesterday my parents came to visit me at the Jamboree! They flew from Frankfurt to New York at the 20th of July and from that day on a big journey for them began. They traveled to the USA someday in the past when I weren’t even born, but till then a lot of things have … Weiter Lesen >

Maya: Centro Mundial and the Show on Culture day

The Centro Mundial is an amazing place. From taking pictures with sombreros to trying Cyprus’s sweets to reading about all the past Jamborees at the Scout Museum, you will find a days worth of looking around. And today me and my friends did just that. Though the heat was almost unbearable, we walked from tent … Weiter Lesen >

Maya: Handicapped at the Jamboree

I woke up to swollen feet on Tuesday. From running around the summit in semi dry shoes for the whole of Monday. Unable to walk, I did not only miss the special Global Ambassador Program (a conversation with an astronaut from NASA and going on the Big Zip), but I also was stuck to my … Weiter Lesen >

Annabelle: Meeting another Annabelle

After Ronja and I ate lunch we started to the scuba diving. We walked from our Subcamp C to the bus station and took the red bus to the pools. The bus driver was very kind and helped us to get off at the right station. The sun was very hot so we decided to … Weiter Lesen >

Annabelle: The opening ceremony as a flag carrier

Yesterday at the opening ceremony I was a flag carrier together with most of the other Ambassadors. At first we met close to the leadership center where I traded a Bolivian neckerchief. The German neckerchief is red with little Germany flags on it and the Bolivian one is green with red, yellow and green lines … Weiter Lesen >

Maya: The opening ceremony captured as a moment

The whole air is buzzing. My feet are hurting from standing. Zoe from Cyprus is standing to my right, both of us holding onto our flagpoles. We’re waiting. And suddenly the circle of life starts playing and 133 people carrying 133 flags start walking and I’m one of them, carrying the one for Bulgaria. And … Weiter Lesen >

Our Global Ambassadors

Julia City: GermanyRank: Youth ParticipantFavorite scouting experience: Meeting other scouts in PolandWhat are you most excited about for the 2019 World Scout Jamboree? Meeting new friends and having a lot of funWhy do you want to serve as a Global Ambassador? Because it’s a great experienceWhat countries would you like to meet scouts from? Spain, Great Britain, Greece, Russia Maya City: BerlinRank: Rover/Groupleader … Weiter Lesen >